How does Tonus Fortis work?

Tonus Fortis is a dietary supplement made specifically to help the modern man. Its all natural ingredients help maintain sexual function at the highest level. This tonic is designed to improve sexual potency. Its carefully selected active ingredients enable Tonus Fortis to maximize sexual performance, stimulate testosterone production, increase sex and regulate metabolism.

Life Nutrition Tonus Fortis

Life Nutrition Tonus Fortis dietary supplement is recommended for:

  • weak of sexual function
  • Impotence
  • premature ejaculation
  • Frequent urogenital system infection
  • Cystitis
  • Excess stress
  • Intensive sports training

How to take Tonus Fortis?

The recommended dosage for Tonus Fortis is 20ml of tonic taken orally. The positive effects of this supplement are visible after a few days.

Reviews about Tonus Fortis:

Life Nutrition Tonus Fortis Kamil

I ordered the Tonus Fortis supplement out of curiosity but I must admit that it was a very good choice. Tonus Fortis changed my sex life for the better. I highly recommend it to every man out there.

Life Nutrition Tonus Fortis Luke

I suffered from premature ejaculation, but thanks to Tonus Fortis I can now forget all about this embarrassing problem!


  • This Life Nutrition Tonus Fortis dietary supplement should not be used by people sensitive to caffeine.
  • This product is intended for men of 18 years of age and older.
  • Tonus Fortis should be stored in a dry place away from direct light.
  • Once opened, store in a refrigerator for no longer than 20 days.


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Life Nutrition Tonus Fortis
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